Photos: EWOR Halloween 4×4 Night Run

Halloween 4×4 Night Run
Hosted by Eastern Washington Off Road
Report by Clay Graham. Photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Off Road

On October 28th, 2006 we met up at the Ahtanum Sno-park for the Eastern Washington Off Road Halloween Run. It was dark the time everyone got there so I did not get a picture of the whole group. I counted 11 rigs.

We went up the Mid Fork. We turn on the White Ridge Loop Trail and ran it around to the Whites Ridge 4×4 Trail. We had to by pass the lower part of the Whites Ridge Crest Trail because of the seasonal closure. Once on Whites Ridge 4×4 Trail the fun began. The trail got tighter the higher up we went. As we passed Make-out Hill the woods came alive with spooky creatures running around our rigs.

Not far passed the Grey Rock Trail we all turned around and headed back down the Whites Ridge Crest Trail. As we came though the woods we saw a Headless Horseman. 99 about jumped out of the driver’s seat and scared the **** out of me. A little farther down the trail we saw 3 lynch men running by us on horses.

This was a fun run. It looks to be the 1st annual Halloween Run.

A special thank you to all the people that came up on horses (in the cold) to make the trail scary for the kids.

Here are the only photos of the Halloween 4×4 Night Run that came out:






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