Photos: Madd Hatters Haunt

Madd Hatters Haunt
By Clay Graham / Selah Sweets Food Truck

On Thursday October 17th, 2019, we set up the Selah Sweets Food Truck to sell fresh mini donuts and cotton candy at Madd Hatters in Union Gap for the haunt. The event runs a lot of nights through October, but for us we were there Thursday through Sunday the 20th.

There is a haunted house and haunted trail to get your scare up.  Many scary characters are running around. There are free photos you can send to your phone and free facebook photos too.

This was a very fun event for us to vend. We will be back vending Monday October 28th through November 1st.

For more info about Madd Hatters Haunt, see there web page at: or facebook page at:

Here are some photos of the Madd Hatters Haunt:


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