Photos: 2016 Miss Selah Pageant

Selah Community Days Association
Miss Selah Pageant
Report by Amanda Graham and photos by Clay Graham / Selah Sweets – Selah Community & Tourism.

On the Friday April 15th, 2016 the Selah Community Days Association hosted the annual Miss Selah Pageant at the Selah Middle School VPAC in Selah, Washington.

This event was one to remember. The 2015-2016 Royalty was at the door to greet the new royalty and people of the community that came to watch this event. Many other royalties came from across the valley to support the new and old royalty.

The ladies participating had many wonderful acts. All of the girls were amazing but of course only one could be Queen. So the new 2016-2017 Miss Selah Queen is.. Emma Hudson! The first princess is Amy Okelberry, followed by Hailey Jo Deatherage, and last but certainly not least, the third princess is Natalie Pieti. Congratulations to each and everyone of you!

Another highlight of the night was the Little Miss’s. They are very talented young women, and it was just amazing watching them perform. Thank you Little Miss’s for the entertainment. We all loved watching your part of the program.

Thank you Nana Kate’s for providing coffee and gluten free brownies during the half time break. Also thank you to Sherry Raymond for providing the ice-cream and regular brownies for all that attended.

This was a great event that many in the community were involved in.

For more information about the Selah Community Days Association:

Here are a some photos of the 2016 Miss Selah Pageant:

Miss_Selah_Pageant_001 Miss_Selah_Pageant_002 Miss_Selah_Pageant_003 Miss_Selah_Pageant_004 Miss_Selah_Pageant_005 Miss_Selah_Pageant_006 Miss_Selah_Pageant_007 Miss_Selah_Pageant_008 Miss_Selah_Pageant_009 Miss_Selah_Pageant_010 Miss_Selah_Pageant_011 Miss_Selah_Pageant_012 Miss_Selah_Pageant_013 Miss_Selah_Pageant_014 Miss_Selah_Pageant_015 Miss_Selah_Pageant_016 Miss_Selah_Pageant_017 Miss_Selah_Pageant_018 Miss_Selah_Pageant_019 Miss_Selah_Pageant_020 Miss_Selah_Pageant_021 Miss_Selah_Pageant_022 Miss_Selah_Pageant_023 Miss_Selah_Pageant_024 Miss_Selah_Pageant_025 Miss_Selah_Pageant_026 Miss_Selah_Pageant_027 Miss_Selah_Pageant_028 Miss_Selah_Pageant_029 Miss_Selah_Pageant_030 Miss_Selah_Pageant_031 Miss_Selah_Pageant_032 Miss_Selah_Pageant_033 Miss_Selah_Pageant_034 Miss_Selah_Pageant_035 Miss_Selah_Pageant_036 Miss_Selah_Pageant_037 Miss_Selah_Pageant_038 Miss_Selah_Pageant_039 Miss_Selah_Pageant_040 Miss_Selah_Pageant_041 Miss_Selah_Pageant_042 Miss_Selah_Pageant_043 Miss_Selah_Pageant_044 Miss_Selah_Pageant_045 Miss_Selah_Pageant_046 Miss_Selah_Pageant_047 Miss_Selah_Pageant_048 Miss_Selah_Pageant_049 Miss_Selah_Pageant_050 Miss_Selah_Pageant_051 Miss_Selah_Pageant_052 Miss_Selah_Pageant_053 Miss_Selah_Pageant_054 Miss_Selah_Pageant_055 Miss_Selah_Pageant_056 Miss_Selah_Pageant_057 Miss_Selah_Pageant_058 Miss_Selah_Pageant_059 Miss_Selah_Pageant_060 Miss_Selah_Pageant_061 Miss_Selah_Pageant_062 Miss_Selah_Pageant_063 Miss_Selah_Pageant_064 Miss_Selah_Pageant_065 Miss_Selah_Pageant_066 Miss_Selah_Pageant_067 Miss_Selah_Pageant_068 Miss_Selah_Pageant_069 Miss_Selah_Pageant_070 Miss_Selah_Pageant_071 Miss_Selah_Pageant_072 Miss_Selah_Pageant_073 Miss_Selah_Pageant_074 Miss_Selah_Pageant_075 Miss_Selah_Pageant_076 Miss_Selah_Pageant_077 Miss_Selah_Pageant_078 Miss_Selah_Pageant_079 Miss_Selah_Pageant_080 Miss_Selah_Pageant_081 Miss_Selah_Pageant_082 Miss_Selah_Pageant_083 Miss_Selah_Pageant_084 Miss_Selah_Pageant_085 Miss_Selah_Pageant_086 Miss_Selah_Pageant_087 Miss_Selah_Pageant_088 Miss_Selah_Pageant_089 Miss_Selah_Pageant_090 Miss_Selah_Pageant_091 Miss_Selah_Pageant_092 Miss_Selah_Pageant_093 Miss_Selah_Pageant_094 Miss_Selah_Pageant_095 Miss_Selah_Pageant_096 Miss_Selah_Pageant_097 Miss_Selah_Pageant_098 Miss_Selah_Pageant_099 Miss_Selah_Pageant_100 Miss_Selah_Pageant_101 Miss_Selah_Pageant_102 Miss_Selah_Pageant_103 Miss_Selah_Pageant_104 Miss_Selah_Pageant_105 Miss_Selah_Pageant_106 Miss_Selah_Pageant_107 Miss_Selah_Pageant_108 Miss_Selah_Pageant_109 Miss_Selah_Pageant_110 Miss_Selah_Pageant_111 Miss_Selah_Pageant_112 Miss_Selah_Pageant_113 Miss_Selah_Pageant_114 Miss_Selah_Pageant_115 Miss_Selah_Pageant_116 Miss_Selah_Pageant_117 Miss_Selah_Pageant_118 Miss_Selah_Pageant_119 Miss_Selah_Pageant_120 Miss_Selah_Pageant_121 Miss_Selah_Pageant_122 Miss_Selah_Pageant_123 Miss_Selah_Pageant_124 Miss_Selah_Pageant_125 Miss_Selah_Pageant_126 Miss_Selah_Pageant_127 Miss_Selah_Pageant_128 Miss_Selah_Pageant_129 Miss_Selah_Pageant_130 Miss_Selah_Pageant_131 Miss_Selah_Pageant_132 Miss_Selah_Pageant_133 Miss_Selah_Pageant_134 Miss_Selah_Pageant_135 Miss_Selah_Pageant_136 Miss_Selah_Pageant_137 Miss_Selah_Pageant_138 Miss_Selah_Pageant_139 Miss_Selah_Pageant_140 Miss_Selah_Pageant_141 Miss_Selah_Pageant_142 Miss_Selah_Pageant_143 Miss_Selah_Pageant_144 Miss_Selah_Pageant_145 Miss_Selah_Pageant_146 Miss_Selah_Pageant_147 Miss_Selah_Pageant_148 Miss_Selah_Pageant_149 Miss_Selah_Pageant_150 Miss_Selah_Pageant_151 Miss_Selah_Pageant_152 Miss_Selah_Pageant_153 Miss_Selah_Pageant_154

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