Selah Sweets Columbus Day Specials

Selah Sweets Holiday Specials

Selah Sweets Penuche

Selah Sweets Penuche

Sweets Columbus Day Specials

Today Selah Sweets has some specials to celebrate the anniversary of
Christopher Columbus’ arrival in and European discovery of the
American Continent on October 12, 1492.

– We made some Penuche (Italian candy) for this special day.
– One free piece of caramel for each person that comes into the the Selah Sweets Shop.
– Get 10% off on all Selah Sweets items and products.

Selah Sweets
3250 Selah Loop Road, Selah, WA 98942

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Most custom snack orders done within 48 hour notice.
Serving Yakima Valley shaved ice & fudge all year long!


Selah Sweets - Eastern Washing AdventuresSelah Sweets
Shaved ice, Fudge, Souvenirs, and custom ordered snacks.
Inside and outside seating at the shop. Off site catering.

Eastern Washington Adventures
is an Outdoor Recreation Information Center that holds many free events.

Selah SweetsEastern Washington Adventures

Eastern Washington Adventures


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