Photos: Short and Dirty Trail 4W637

Short and Dirty Trail
Short and Dirty Trail 4W637
Report and Photos by Clay Graham /

On July 30th, 2005 I got to go a long with a few local boys that were running the Short and Dirty Trail, 4W637. I rode with IORE in his CJ5. We met up at Blue Lake and aired down.

We climbing up from Blue Lake by Trail 4W615 to FS1020 near Blue Slide Lookout.
We took FS1020 a little ways to the Short and Dirty Trail. (Trail 4W637)

Once on the Short and Dirty Trail things got interesting real fast. Right as we entered the trees we came up on the first off camber spot. It was hairy because there were no trees to stop you from rolling off the mountain if you were to flip over. The CJ2A and Toyota both were a little top heavy for parts of this off camber trail. With the co-pilot standing on the outside of the high side of the rigs they made it though without rolling over. IORE’s CJ5 did well without a high side rider.

Next was a little up and down with some tight stuff. It seem to be just a nice ride in the mountains.

Oh then things became hairy again. The trail got real tight and off cambered a lot.

Most of the trail was down hill, but one part had a steep hill climb. That was fun.

The last part of the Short and Dirty Trail was off camber for a long way. The trail ended at FS1010. We didn’t know the trail was one way trail until we got to the bottom.

On the way out, the flat fender stopped running. We gave it a push down the road with IORE’s CJ5, backwards.

I had a great time riding a long with these guys.

This Trail is rated Most Difficult and is not for people with little or no experience.

Here are some photos of the Short & Dirty 4×4 trip:

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