Photos: LSOC Gallagher Head Lake Overland Trip

Liberty State Overland Club
Gallagher Head Lake Overland Trip
By Clay & Odo Graham /

On Monday, July 13th 2020, Liberty State Overland Club members finished the Liberty Overland Trip and headed to Cle Elum. We stopped at Warriors Quick Stop to fuel up since they always try to have the lowest fuel prices around.

Next we worked our way north. We turn up FS4330 and aired down. We went up FS4330 for close to eight miles and turned on 4W301 and ran it to Gallagher Head Lake. It was a challenging to get around the big rocks with my stock YJ, and there was a lot of them.

At Gallagher Head Lake we set up camp and took a walk around the lake. Doc, Odo, and Shelby played in the lake.

As the sun went down, it got cold. There was a little wind too. We took shelter between two rigs with our propane campfire and used a tarp to block the wind. During the night it was real cold.

Tuesday morning it was nice and warm when the sun came over the mountain. We ate breakfast and then loaded up.

We then headed on up Hawkins Mountain on 4W304. More big rocks. We got to the second to last steep climb and I could not make it over the rocks with the little tires. I backed down and waited with Charlie as the TJs that went on up. The TJs came back and we all headed down. There was one hill climb that Charlie’s ZJ could not made. He had broken the CV shaft on the drivers side and did not have four wheel drive. Foxracer gave him a tow to the top and we headed on out. We stopped at the bottom of 4W301 at FS4330 for a lunch break. TJ40 took off before us.

After lunch we headed down FS4330 to the pavement and aired up for home.

This was a great time thanks to all who came.

Here are some photos of the Liberty State Overland Club Liberty Overland Trip:

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