Photos: LSOC Bethel Ridge Backroads Trip

Liberty State Overland Club
Bethel Ridge Backroads Trip
By Clay & Doc Graham / Eastern Washington Expeditions /

On Saturday, August 1st 2020, Liberty State Overland Club members met up at Oak Creek Ace Hardware in Naches. Charlie’s ZJ had a leak on the upper radiator hose. They cut off the bad part of the hose. Steve went in Ace and bought some better hose clamps and put them on.

Around 10:50 AM we convoyed to the Nile and turn up FS1500. We ran it up close to the end of the pavement before stopping for a break.

After a short break, we headed on up FS1500 to the end of the pavement. We turned on FS1502 and drove to McDaniel Lake. At McDaniel Lake we let the kids and dog run. There were a lot of snakes in the grass near the water.

Next we back tracked FS1502 and turn up the gravel on FS1500. We turn off a few miles up onto FS1506 and drove it up. We ate lunch above a herd of sheep.

After lunch we drove back down and continued up FS15oo. We turned up FS1500-190 and drove up to the top of Timberwolf Mountain.

Up on Timberwolf Mountain we took in the sights. For a cloudy day, we still could see pretty far. Mount Rainier and Mount Adams stood out well.

After awhile we headed back down to FS1500 and drove it down to US12. We aired up and headed home. Doc got a few good shots of the bears at Trout Lodge as we drove through Rimrock Retreat.

This was a fun day in the mountains.

Here are some photos of the day:

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