Photos: Fall 2017 Beverly Dunes Clean Up & Camp Out

Beverly Dunes Clean Up and Camp Out
Hosted by Eastern Washington Adventures with cooperation from the Department of Natural Resources.
Sponsored by Selah Sweets
Report and photos by Clay Graham /

Around 1 PM Friday, November 3rd, 2017, my sons, Doc and Odo and I headed out from the Eastern Washington Adventures Club House in Selah toward Beverly Dunes to set up camp for the annual clean-up. Reese and his son followed us in their truck.

Once at Beverly Dunes we set up camp and then sat around the propane campfire in the pop-up since it was cold. TJ40 pulled in later in the dark and joined us in the warm pop-up. The sky was clear, the moon was bright, and it was very cold outside.

Saturday morning the Trail Seekers Club showed up and started the clean up early since it was real cold out. Stephanie from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) showed up around 9:30 AM so people could signed in and get some tools for the clean up.

Most of the main work was in the campground cleaned out the fire pits and picked up trash. We also had to break up an illegal fire rock ring. A dirt bike ride came to talk to us since he was not happy we were tossing the rocks back out where they came from. We let him know fires were only allowed in the metal fire pits placed by the DNR. That did not seem to mater to him since he did not put his illegal campfire out when he returned.

After the clean up some headed home and the rest of us went and played in the dunes into the dark. The ORVs left was Foxracer’s Subaru Outback, TJ40’s Yamaha YXZ, and my Jeep JKU.

Sunday morning we woke up to the place covered in snow. This was very cool. The first time ever for us to see snow a Beverly Dunes. We ate a fast breakfast and headed out to “Go Play”! We figured we would leave later after the roads were cleared of snow.

Out in the sand dunes was very fun. It made the trails a lot more fun and more challenging for Foxracer’s Subaru Outback. We played some follow the leader with the Subaru Outback, Yamaha YXZ, and Jeep JKU looking for fun. What a blast!

Around 1 PM we headed home. The roads were good for us heading back to Selah by the way of SR24, but Foxracer had a longer time getting home since I90 was closed.

This was a very fun weekend thanks to all that came.

Here are some photos of the Beverly Dunes Clean Up & Camp Out:

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Beverly Dunes

Beverly Dunes Fall Clean Up



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