Photos: EWOR Naches Pass 4×4 Day Run

Naches Pass 4×4 Day Run
Hosted by Eastern Washington Off Road
By Clay Graham & Hank Graham /

Naches Pass is a historic wagon trail made for settlers going toward the Puget Sound.

UPDATE: The west end of the 4×4 trail has been blocked off from FS7065 to FS70.

Saturday July 29th, 2006 we meet up at the Wood Shed on SR410 and convoyed to Bear Creek near the Naches Pass trail to drop off my tow rig.

We started at Naches Pass Trail 4W684 at FS1913 and headed west to the end. The trail had a lot of traffic but we made some good time.

There are a lot of bridges on the Naches Pass Trail just past FS1913. Close to the Government Meadows Test Dummy was driving along and his rig dropped in a hole causing him to get stuck. We pulled him out and headed up to the Pacific Crest Trail parking area to hike to Camp Urich for lunch.

After lunch we continued west. The last part of the trail was real extreme. There were two different paths near the end. Most of us dropped of the steep one and Test Dummy tried the other which really twisted on his rig. One we were all down on FS70 we took a break.

After the break we headed up FS70 guessing the way back to Pyramid Pass. We missed the turn at FS7080 and found a horse camp. We back tracked to what looked to be a main road and took it. It was the right one over Pyramid Pass taking us back over coming out on FS1914.

Thanks guys for coming out. I am looking to do another camping trip to run Naches Trail here soon. I hope more of you can make it next time.

Here are some photos of the EWOR Naches Pass 4×4 Day Run:

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