Photos: Lucky the Leprechaun’s Visit to Selah!

Lucky the Leprechaun’s Visit to Selah!
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Selah Sweets – Selah Community & Tourism.

Here is the story of when Lucky the Leprechaun came to Selah, Washington.

The story began on on Saint Patrick’s Day in 2016, when Lucky the Leprechaun stopped by the Selah Community & Tourism Information Center for some directions to the big city. Lucky the Leprechaun had know clue there was anything to do in a city so small. But he found so much information from the little candy shop with the visitor center, he had to go explore.

Selah Sweets

Lucky the Leprechaun started off his journey through Downtown Selah by getting some Golden Caramels from Selah Sweets.

Selah Sweets

Lucky the Leprechaun heard tonight’s To-Go Dinner is Corn Beef and Cabbage at Selah Liquor & More Store! It is, it is!

Selah Liquor & More Store

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped in at GlitterBug Bowtique to check out the St. Patrick’s Day items.

GlitterBug Bowtique

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped in Rumors Salon to play some tricks on the ladies.

Rumors Salon

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped at Viking Nails for some special treatment.

Viking Nails

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped for the daily special at Toro Taco.

Toro Taco

Lucky the Leprechaun read on Facebook that the T and T Lounge had some great Saint Patrick’s Day deals, but he forgot his ID to get in.

T and T

Lucky the Leprechaun likes Magic. Magic Pizza Shack food is Magically delicious!

Magic Pizza Shack

Lucky the Leprechaun headed out to find the Vikings!

Viking Village

Lucky the Leprechaun likes that you can Shop N Go!

Selah Shop N Go

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped by ABBee’s Floral & Gifts to smell the flowers.

ABBee's Floral & Gifts

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped by Envy Spa & Tanning to pick up some Seahawks gear!

Envy Spa & Tanning

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped by Artistic Minds to find out about the art classes.

Artistic Minds

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped by Magic City Barber Shop for a trim. More Magic!

Magic City Barber Shop

Lucky the Leprechaun took a break with Kim Brewer and checked out his cool stuff.

Kim Brewer

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped and checked out Silver Wings Collectibles!

Silver Wings Collectibles

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped at The Pastime to find out more about their Saint Patrick’s Day specials!

The Pastime

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped by King’s Row looking for the King but found Garbage Burgers instead.

King's Row

King's Row

King's Row

Lucky the Leprechaun likes Shish Kabob Mediterranean.

Shish Kabob Mediterranean

Lucky the Leprechaun stopped at Selah Mini Mart & Smoke Shop to see the mini things!

Selah Mini Mart & Smoke Shop

Lucky the Leprechaun found one of his people in Downtown Selah!


Lucky the Leprechaun stopped off at Bruce Sears State Farm to get insurance for his ride!

Bruce Sears State Farm

Bruce Sears State Farm

Lucky the Leprechaun’s last stop was at Selah Sweets for some more delicious golden caramels. The towns people found out Lucky the Leprechaun was in Selah and came to get some Free Facebook photos with him.

Here are those photos:

Leprechaun_27 Leprechaun_28 Leprechaun_29 Leprechaun_30 Leprechaun_31 Leprechaun_32 Leprechaun_33 Leprechaun_34 Leprechaun_35 Leprechaun_36 Leprechaun_37 Leprechaun_38 Leprechaun_39

Leprechaun_40 Leprechaun_41 Leprechaun_42 Leprechaun_43 Leprechaun_44 Leprechaun_45 Leprechaun_46 Leprechaun_47 Leprechaun_48 Leprechaun_50 Leprechaun_51 Leprechaun_52 Leprechaun_53 Leprechaun_54

Around 7 PM, Lucky the Leprechaun headed back to his home and he lived happily ever after.

— The End! —

We at Selah Sweets would like to thank everyone for being part of the fun with our Leprechaun. I hear the Easter Bunny may stop by too.

See you soon,
The Grahams – Selah Sweets

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